Located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Smoking Gun Interactive (SGI) is an industry leading game development studio focused on creating world-class strategy and casual titles that engage and entertain audiences across the globe. The studio was founded in 2007 by the award-winning industry veterans and creative forces behind Company of Heroes™- regarded as one of the greatest real time strategy games of all time. With proven expertise in RTS, Strategy, Action and Casual genres, SGI has been prolific in releasing acclaimed titles across mobile, PC, and console platforms.

At Smoking Gun experience matters, and our team shares a passion to innovate in the game space by building groundbreaking features and embracing new technology. Above all, we strive for the highest level of quality possible in every project and we collaborate with partners who are firmly aligned with these goals. Every day, we are inspired to build games and new concepts with a tight-knit team of creative, talented, and genuinely amazing people. SGI is now part of the Keywords Studios family, expanding our network to over 60+ multidisciplined studios and 10,000+ employees.




John has 26 years of industry experience in leadership and management positions.  Prior to SGI, he was credited with Producer & Creative Director of Company of Heroes. John joined Relic Entertainment as the first producer of a single-team studio, and spent seven years helping grow the company into a successful triple A studio. John left Relic as Director of Franchise Development to found Smoking Gun Interactive, where he now oversees the creative aspects of all the products.



Drew has lead the evolution of 3 different game engines over the last 22 years in the game industry. He spent 8 years of his technical career at Relic Entertainment, where he was an instrumental contributor to most of the titles shipped by the studio including the award winning Homeworld. Most notably Drew lead the engineering team that created Company of Heroes and the Essence Engine. At Smoking Gun, Drew leads the technology team and the development of the cross platform engine for mobile.



Angie has been delivering critically acclaimed artwork and art direction for games for 24 years. After 3 years at EA Canada and shipping 3 multi-platinum titles in the Need for Speed franchise, Angie moved to Relic Entertainment in 2000. In her 7 years at Relic, she was a key contributor and leader on multiple titles and teams. Angie was the Art Director of the studio’s flagship title, the award winning Company of Heroes. At Smoking Gun, Angie is in charge of art direction of all products.


2007 : Company Launch
Over 140 articles were written about our 3-day teaser launch campaign, and the studio was immediately recognized as one that can create buzz, compelling IP and were a studio to be watched.
Robert 'Apache' Howarth - IGN
2009 : First Original IP
X : Exoriare was launched as a trans-media experience that concluded with the world’s first use of extra-planetary communications as part of a videogame!
Keith Stuart - The Guardian
2010 : Kinect Launch Titles
As one of the select few studios in the world, SGI worked directly with Microsoft team to co-develop exclusive launch game content prior to the worldwide announcement of the Kinect sensor.
2012 : NASA & MS Project
We were thrilled to collaborate directly with the team at NASA & Microsoft to build an accurate and compelling Mars Rover Landing experience for the Xbox 360, ahead of the Curiosity Rover landing on the red planet.
Felix Atkin - The Guardian
2013 : Original IP Title
Freefall Racers may seem like a simple flying squirrel racing title available on Xbox Live Arcade, but the things it does right make it soar above its rodent-free competition. "
Greg Bargas - Gaming Truth
2014 : AAA Strategy for Mobile
With Age of Empires: Castle Siege, SGI has brought tactics and real time strategy to the Mobile Market. The game was one of the top grossing games on Windows.
2016 : Casual Classic for Mobile
Microsoft partners with SGI to bring the iconic casual classic title to the mobile platforms. "Microsoft's Famous Solitaire Game Comes To Android And iOS."
Ryan Whitwam - Forbes
2020 : Next Casual Classic
Microsoft partnered with SGI to bring its hugely successful Mahjong title to Mobile platforms. Upon release, the title gained top ratings in the app stores and maintained over 60% retention rate in 28 day period!
2022 : New Original IP
SGI proudly unveiled its next big strategy title: Phobies - a terrifyingly tactical card collecting game. Available for download on iOS, Android and Steam.